June 18, 2007

Weekend Highlights

Hello! Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. Sorry posted this late. I was deprived of computer time during the weekend. :)

How was your weekend? Mine was quite hectic, but fun, nonetheless.

It started out with me ending my shift at around 7AM od Saturday. I went home and took a shower and off I go with the husband to Victory Christian Fellowship to attend the "Heart of Marriage" seminar. We were with good friends, Oli and Rache. The seminar was really an eye opener. Made me see how I should be more supportive of my husband. We also found out we have different focus when it comes to marriage. While I think our marriage was career-centered, he though we were others centered, meaning we value our own families more. Needless to say, we came out of the seminar with a lot of realizations. We need to fold up our sleeves and start working on our marriage, not that it's on the rocks, but we didn't want to wait THAT long.

After the seminar, I was in bed all day, conked out. What with more than 24 hours of being awake, who wouldn't? But I went to sleep excited for the following day.

Sunday morning, me and the husband and my parents plus siblings went to seaside macapagal to celebrate father's day. We had fun buying sea foods from the nearby market and had more fun eating! I missed my family so much! After lunch, we sort of just walked around the area looking at stuff. After which we went home and hubby and I lounged around our bed watching 24 and Heroes.
Some weekend huh?! I enjoyed it though and felt time moved so fast. Now it's Monday again and back I go to the office. :P

So that's it for now. Let me leave you some pics from our seaside trip.

From L-R My youngest sister, her best friend Jade and another friend Ian Mervin

While waiting for the food

Group Pics taken by the husband

Group Pics taken by my brother

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