August 21, 2007

Our Bedroom's Air Quality

In all honesty, without beating an eyelash, I will say our bedroom is a mess. It looks like a warehouse, only worse. The roof leaks when it rains hard, the walls unpainted and the floor, oh! do not let me get started on those cement floors!

I mean, it's cement so imagine the horrors of cleaning. What should take half an hour (or probably less) of sweeping and dusting takes me about an hour and a half. And if that's not bad enough, because of the cement floor, dust settles in a couple of minutes after you sweep. Sheesh!

Plans are on the way to put tile floorings so I guess I should look forward to that but until then, I found a great way to help me clean not only our room but the entire house. Talk about savings!

I am talking about Central Vacuums. It's efficient, light weight and convenient. It does sound a bit expensive but if cleans and imrpoves the quality fo air in our room, then I'd go for this one.

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