September 12, 2007

Just Some Work Stuff

It's been a while and I've got really nothing exciting to post about. My life has been all about work lately.

I am finally adjusting to the new site and I must say the people there are really nice. Tasks are a mountain high as usual but I get by. We had one big issue a while ago though that got me anxious again but everything turned out okay. I guess I just need to work on a couple of skills some more.

One thing that's getting me by is the full support of the husband. His patience and understanding about my work and what I do is pretty amazing! I am very thankful I have him beside me. I am putting much effort on spending more time with him so weekends for me are very very sacred. I just pray that I get to learn how to manage my time better.

This weekend is exciting to say the least. Our 10th anniversary is coming up. We have no big plans. Dinner or lunch date outside I guess. I know, I know it's pretty boring but hey, we're on a budget here people! ;) Well, we're trying to save up for a car actually so wish us luck on that too! So that's about me for now. I promise to tell you all about the weekend as soon as I get the chance. Toodles! :)


Buge said...

Happy anniversary to you and your hubby! And good luck on the car! :)

Nyree said...

Thanks Buge! Mwah!


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