October 7, 2007

It's Beginning to Feel like Christmas!

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! :)
The weather has been noticeably cooler the past few days with occasional rain showers. Malls and some stores are exhibiting holiday decors; Christmas songs are blasting through different radio stations.
Here on our part of the globe, as soon as the -ber months roll in, it signifies the start of the holiday season. And what other thing do we love most about this holiday? Shopping of course! No matter how tiring, shopping for Christmas gift is always fun!
The one thing that sometimes dampens my Christmas mood is the increasing cost of goods these days. Even a simple thing can cost an arm and leg that looking for quality Christmas gift can be hard. But no worries as I discovered coupon codes. These can help big time. Not that I am being a cheapskate because they offer a lot of wuality items. It's just that I would want to stretch my money to be able to give everyone on my list a gift.
I've crossed out 2 on my list buying the gifts using coupon codes. One of them I bought at Homeclick and the other at Timberland. Can you guess for who I bought these gifts? :)

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