March 21, 2010

Sunday Running

ERRATUM: It seems I confused 2 different running events. We joined Earth Run 2010 which is different from Nat Geo's Earth Day Run. Earth Run 2010 will be held at The Fort. Why they had these events on the same day and had the event names almost the same is beyond me!

Good morning! Great Sunday to everyone!

Had a great start today. Ran about 3k in 30 minutes at UP with the husbo. Well, since it's been a long time since I ran, so I did some interval running. About 5 minutes of running and then 5 minutes of walking. Not bad for me. I used to run for only 2 minutes and have to catch my breath already. The husbo has been running for about a year now so he runs faster and longer than I do.

It felt great after the run. I know these are just baby steps and that I'll reach my goal eventually. The important thing right now is consistency and discipline.

This will also serve as my practice for the Earth Day Run this April 18. I am planning to run 5k with the husbo and some friends. Here's hoping I could do it!

For those interested in National Geographic's Earth Day Run, see the poster below:

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