January 27, 2011

What Time Is It? It's YapTime!

This post brought to you by YapTime. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of the greatest thing about the internet is it giving you the ability to connect to your family and friends even when they're far away.  Social networking sites paved way for this and they have popped up like mushrooms in a short span of time.  I've tried many of them and until now, I feel like privacy is still a big issue, especially when it comes to your messages.

Then enters YapTime, a free service aimed at social groups.  In YapTime, you create YapRooms where you communicate in private, share pictures and videos and discuss without fear of having anyone you don't know (or don't want) read your discussion.  This is NOT a social networking site so you don't get friend requests from people you don't know, or sales people looking for contacts.  And since you use YapRooms for conversations, you don't get useless newsfeeds and messages about game requests.  Ain't that nice?

Before you write it off as one of those run of the mill social networking site, stop!  YapTime is NOT a social networking site!  It's actually really cool as it allows you to do everything in one place like schedule events using the calendar or share photos, and videos. "Sure!" you say. "Everyone can do that in the other sites."  But take this, everything you share in a YapRoom is private for YapRoom members only.  So that picture you don't want anyone but your family to see? Share them in your Family YapRoom!  Venting about the office but you don't want your boss to read about it? Post it on your Friends only YapRoom.  Simple, private and fun!  Even conversations are presented in thread making it easy to follow them.  Responding to posts and photos can also be done via email, just in case you are unable to access the site.  And unlike email, everything is located in one secure place, no need for many folders - saves you time.

I also love how the website has a demo feature so you can try out the service before you actually sign up.  This way you can get comfortable in using the site first and see if it fits your needs.  I tried it and to tell you honestly, you don't need to use the demo.  The site is pretty easy to navigate and the interface is cool and elegant!  This makes YapTime easy to use even for our parents and grandparents !

Best of all it is FREE!  I've signed up already and am now inviting some of my friends and family over to my created YapRooms.  Try it and let me know how it works for you?  Maybe we can be Yap friends in the future. ;-)

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