February 21, 2012

My Top Online Organization Tool

I admit that one of my addictions right now is organization.  I've been crazy staying on the world wide web reading up on articles about organization.  The only thing I hate about it is writing down each and every website address and describing the photos I saw in detail or saving the photos on my hard drive (which takes up too much space). 

That was a dilemma, until I found clipix.  My, oh my! clipix has saved me a million hassles and added to my organization junkie moments! I love it!  Now I don't need to write down web addresses (keeps my carpal tunnel in check!) I only need to clip it on clipix so I can go back to it anytime!

Clipping it is so easy.  You only need to click on the :clip it" button on your bookmark tab and you instantly organize your web browsing. Saves time and effort too!  I really recommend you try clipix out! Have a look at what I have on my board so far:

Organize your Online Life

I know it looks bare at this point because I was too excited to share the news with you! But worry not because those boards will be filled up in no time!  These boards are going to be very useful for me this coming year as I am about to plan several trips with the husband.  

If you're still not convinced, I urge you to check out this video:

Oh and before I forget, there is an iPhone app for clipix! Wowza! I can take my boards everywhere I go! Cool eh? Oh and clipboard creation? UNLIMITED! Hooray!

So care to share your clipboards or ideas on how you will use clipix?  Let us know by posting some comments!  Spread the love and help other people organize their online life courtesy of clipix!

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