March 26, 2009

Of Emails and the Next Big Thing

So, I went ahead and setup outlook express on my netbook. What do you know? I got about a thousand unread emails dating back to Novemeber last year. Sigh! It took me about an hour going through my mails. I got sad that there were a lot of mails I didn't get to read on time. So if you were one of those who sent me an email, please accept my humble apologies. It's that hard to get disconnected to the world wide web.

So what's new today. Nothing much except that I got me a new spankin' logo of Metrophoto! Yey! Thanks Oly!

Remember them? Well, they're like my favorite photography team! They only get better and better every day! I blogged about them way back in 2007 and how they will be the next big thing and boy was I right! My opinions are the same, if not better! Like I said, they only get better every single day! They kick a$$!! So if you're planning to get married, I swear, get them to do your e-session, your wedding, your family portraits, heck even have them do your maternity photos too! You'll never go wrong! If I am pretty enough on our 25th, I'd definitely book them! So go ahead and point your browsers to their site and see how they take photography to the next level. Way to go Metrophoto team! Keep it up! Oh and again, this is not a paid post. I truly and sincerely admire their work! :)

That's it for me today. Need to go to snooze mode. See y'all later!

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